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Learning texts

These learning texts will guide you through the whole process of mortar use and production, from its origins 10,000 years ago to the application of the modern factory-produced materials that are widely used on building sites today.

Whether you are an apprentice bricklayer or a seasoned specifier, the Learning Texts provide you with everything you need to know about mortar. The texts range from An Introduction to Mortar to Properties of Masonry Mortar and from Production to Quality Assurance.

You can download the learning texts as PDFs by clicking on the titles below; alternatively you can order hard copies from the association’s secretary Mick Russell at

Part 1 Introduction to Mortar - 172 KB
Part 2 Cementitious Materials - 229 KB
Part 3 Aggregates - 418 KB
Part 4 Admixtures, Additives & Water - 270 KB
Part 5 Brick and Block Production - 5.3 Meg
Part 6 Properties of Masonry Mortar - 991 KB
Part 7 Production, Delivery and Storage of Mortar - 772 KB
Part 8 Mortar Testing - 606 KB
Part 9 Specifications - 238 KB
Part 10 Quality Assurance - 180 KB
Part 11 Construction - 156 KB
Part 12 Properties of Rendering Mortar - 635 KB
Part 13 Best Practice - Potential Site Problems - 664 KB
Part 14 Cleaning Brickwork - 498 KB


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