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Here are some of the questions that frequently arise about factory-produced mortars.


Question 01

What are factory-produced mortars?

Answer 01

These are mortars that are produced in a quality-controlled environment to ensure accurate mix proportions. There are two main types:

Ready-to-use Mortars

These are produced in a factory and delivered to site ready-to-use. They may be "Wet ready-to-use" which requires no further mixing and is stored in tubs on site or "Dry ready-to-use" which is delivered in silos or bags requiring only the addition of mixing water.

Lime:sand Mortars

These are pre-batched materials which are delivered to site, with cement and water being added prior to use. All production methods of factory-produced mortars can offer both coloured and natural shades.

Question 02

What are the benefits of factory-produced mortars?

Answer 02

  • Accurate cement content
  • Reduced mixing and labour costs
  • Consistent strength
  • Reduced wastage
  • Consistent colour
  • Compliance with specification
  • Technical advice and test data available upon request

Question 03

How do factory-produced mortars
differ from site mixed mortars?

Answer 03

Factory-produced mortars are produced under controlled conditions in purpose built production units.

All materials are weigh-batched or dispensed through calibrated equipment to ensure accuracy of mix proportions. All mix ingredients comply with the relevant British and European standards and are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure quality control compliance.

Site mixed mortars are generally produced by a site operative shovel loading bagged cement and sand from a heap into a small mixer unit. Water and plasticiser are added by hand to suit. Unauthorised additions may well be made to the mix.

Site mixed mortars cannot match the high degree of consistency that factory-produced mortars achieve and they are unlikely to comply with your specification.

Question 04

How can I find out more about factory-produced mortars?

Answer 04

By contacting the MPA Mortar via or call 020 7963 8000.

Alternatively you can contact one of the producer members directly.

For further information on screed availability and technical details contact an MPA Mortar member by clicking here.
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