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which mortar Using coloured mortars Hot & cold
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Mortar Technical information
which mortar Using coloured mortars Hot & cold weather working Technical information
There are three main types of factory-produced mortar – ready-to- use, silo and lime:sand, a blend of sand and lime to which water is added on site. More → Coloured mortar is much more than just the medium for bonding bricks and blocks. It can also be an architectural tool, accentuating or subduing brick colours and textures. More → Masonry construction in both hot & cold weather conditions requires consideration as to how these conditions may affect the quality of the finished masonry. More → MPA Mortar provides a wide range of information on the design, production and use of mortars, screeds and renders. More →


Factory-produced mortars play an essential role in today’s building and construction industries, providing as they do, the essential glue principally for block and brickwork.

Factory-produced mortars provide high levels of quality control, colour consistency and
minimise waste.

Guidance is provided here on which mortar to choose, the effect of colour change and working in hot or cold weather, along with links to formal technical information.

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