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June 2012

Self-build a brighter spot in the housing market

Well, it’s good to read of a bit of a bright spot against the present gloom in the housing market. According to the recently published UK Self-build market report, self-build home completions rose by 3.75 per cent in the first three months of 2012, the third consecutive quarter-on-quarter increase.

The self-build market remains down year-on-year by 12 per cent, from 13,500 to 11,850 homes but the recent figures suggest it is recovering. Completions in the final quarter of 2011 were 3.4 per cent higher than the same quarter a year ago. It looks like the self-build sector has proved more resilient than general private and public housing. The report says self-builders were responsible for 8.25 per cent of all new homes completed in the UK in 2011 and a startling 31 per cent of all new detached homes.

For building materials suppliers, self-build looks like an area worthy of continued close study.


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