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CEMEX had special mortars in store for Asda at Rugby

Over 600 tonnes of dry silo mortar was supplied by CEMEX to contractors, Online Brickwork, to build an Asda supermarket in the town centre of Rugby, Warwickshire.

The store is the first major supermarket in the town centre. Additionally, the retail complex houses 16 further retail outlets, 440 car parking spaces and provides an estimated 600 jobs for the local community.

CEMEX provided three different coloured mortars: natural and two shades exclusive to the contract. For the main building work, the appropriately named Asda Golden Brown mortar has been matched, at the request of the architects, to the bricks. The second exclusive shade, Tudor Brown mortar, involved delivery of a small quantity in bags for brickwork close to an existing building.

Factory produced dry silo mortar has many advantages over mortar mixed on site. Main ones are the exact colour matching as in this contract, consistent quality of product and less wastage than with traditional mortar.

CEMEX UK commissioned a new mortar factory in Braintree in Essex in 2008 that represented a £6 million investment.

Further information or access to any photographs contact Mick Russell at Mick or call 020 7963 8000.

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