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Tarmac mortars on track with McLaren

Minimising waste was one of the prime considerations for the choice of Tarmac’s factory-produced mortars in the construction of the McLaren Production Centre (MPC) at Woking, Surrey.

Tarmac is supplying contractor Galostar with naturally coloured mortar via on-site silos, allowing call off of material as required. Galostar is laying 10,000 square metres of fair-faced blocks for the new centre that will house production of a new range of high-performance sports carsbeing manufactured by McLaren Automotive. Use of silo mortar also reduces site traffic movements, an important factor in McLaren’s stated wish to minimise construction traffic around its global headquarters.

McLaren’s executive chairman Ron Dennis said: ‘We have approached the MPC planning and construction programme in the same rigorous, detailed and challenging manner as we would start a Grand Prix season or as we have managed the research, development and launch of the new McLaren Automotive car company.

‘Every detail has been considered and solutions resolved, whether that is on the production facility’s timing and layout, the local sensitivities for the impact of the new facility, or how we deal with details such as keeping the site and surrounding roads clean and as traffic-free as possible.’

The company has set a tight timescale for the build, allowing a year from start of construction to production of the first sports car. When complete, the newfacility is expected to produce up to 1,000 McLaren 12C cars in 2011. The company explains that its production process will introduce a one-piece carbon-fibre chassis structure, the MonoCell, the first time such a lightweight, safe and strong structure has been offered on a series production car in this market segment.

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